David Brock

ISBN: 978-0-9810875-7-3
24 pp
Fall 2009



— the jean short:
the take two at a second kick through ghosts which haunt
uncomfortable inches above the knee.

The jean was never meant to reach such heights,
even hemmed the jean-short
frays, a disquiet with letting go is
more than a dabble with resurrection, this wariness
with factory cuts is for the thick-thighed
hellbent on slander towards hips.

Bust free from constraint, bold denim
unshackle and scream:
what can save us,
in a hell too damned hot
to suffer phantom limbs

3 Responses to “Gasmask Summer”

  1. […] books that are stacked on top of one of my book shelves along with other chap books. The first, Gasmask Summer, was published in 2009 and released by The Emergency Response Unit, a chap book press run by Leigh […]

  2. […] He’s previously published two chapbooks of poetry: Black Metal Melodies with Ferno House, and Gasmask Summer with The Emergency Response Unit. Although I’m hoping to sit down and read all three of the books […]

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