Going live

November 26, 2009

On Tuesday, December 1, from 2-3 pm, we’ll be on air with Charlie Huisken (of This Ain’t the Rosedale Library fame) to talk about our chapbooks and small-pressing-it. Tune your radio in to CKLN at 88.1 FM, or listen online at www.ckln.fm!

We’ve taken the plunge

November 25, 2009

That’s right – we’re pleased to announce that our chapbooks are now available for your purchasing pleasure at http://www.etsy.com/shop/TERUBooks! See? Look how easy we just made impulse buying. We’re looking out for you.

Coming next weekend to a small press fair near you (listen up, Ottawa!), we’re proud to present our All-Star Fall 2009 lineup:

Water Upsets Stone Cameron Anstee

Gasmask Summer David Brock

Letter on St. Valentine’s Day Elisabeth de Mariaffi

Vox Populism Jacob McArthur Mooney

apartments Aaron Tucker

Our lovely books will be making their debut at the Ottawa Small Press Fair on Saturday, November 28 at the Jack Purcell Community Centre (320 Jack Purcell Lane, just off of Elgin, at Gilmour). We’ll be there from  12-5. Will you?

Like a beacon in the cold, quiet world of chapbook publishing, The Chapbook Review is, according to their website, “A monthly online literary journal focused on the critical examination of the venerable chapbook: slim, soft-cover books, usually inexpensively produced and independently published.” This description of the chapbook warms our lonely hearts. Check out the latest issue, featuring the Chapbook Publishers Roundtable 2009, here.

In other news, we just received a batch of absolutely beautiful chapbooks from the new-ish Ottawa-based Apt. 9 Press, run by our very own Cameron Anstee; we’re publishing his chapbook, Water Upsets Stone, any day now. It too will be beautiful.

All right. Back to the grindstone.